About Us


  • Overview
    The Serbia Lebanon Business Council (SLBC) exists to promote and strengthen economic cooperation between Serbia and Lebanon, and comprises members from both countries.
  • Membership
    SLBC members have unique and high-level access to relevant commercial activity in Serbia and Lebanon enabling them to identify, create, and develop successful business opportunities.
  • Function
    Through the SLBC, both countries have established an “information network database” to make all information available in one place. In this way, the SLBC serves as a one stop shop for all members from both countries, facilitating their communication and exchange of information.
  • Formation
    The Serbia Lebanon Business Council (SLBC) offices are established in Belgrade and function in Serbia as a Representative Office of the S.L. Serbia Lebanon Business Council Limited, a company registered in Nicosia, Cyprus. The SLBC is officially and legally established in association with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia (CCIS) and the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Beirut and Mount Lebanon (CCIA-MBL) and to this effect, Memoranda of Understanding were signed in Belgrade, Serbia and in Beirut, Lebanon.

The role of Serbia Lebanon Business Council is:

To facilitate and expand economic and industrial cooperation between Serbia and Lebanon by an exchange of information on economic, commercial, and industrial matters. This includes information on specific opportunities available in both countries that could help expand trade and business through their respective members.

To encourage, promote and facilitate effective commercial cooperation between Serbia and Lebanon in the areas of trade, investment, tourism, technology transfer, and related economic and industrial activities. This is achieved by establishing effective communication between member companies with particular reference to the private sector with guidance and assistance from the SLBC.


The executive offices of the Serbia Lebanon Business Council (SLBC) are located in the heart of Belgrade, Serbia in Dobračina tower, a unique and prestigious business address, close to the Square of the Republic and some of the city’s most recognisable landmarks.

The building, an eclectic mix of retro and modern design, has a well-appointed space for the SLBC on the sixth floor. The higher levels of the business tower offer spectacular views of both the River Danube and the old city of Belgrade, and there are three levels of underground parking.


Brent Sadler is an internationally renowned CNN broadcaster who was at the heart of world news coverage, especially from the Middle East, the Balkans and Africa, for more than 20 years.

Brent, who was assigned to Beirut as Bureau Chief for CNN, lived in Lebanon for 10 years and reported on many of the defining moments of world history during a distinguished career in international news. He established the Beirut Media Centre which offered satellite broadcasting for international clients.

Later, Brent became the Consultant Director of Communications for the Eko Atlantic city project in Lagos, Nigeria, before establishing Inviso Communications, a media and communications company in Belgrade, Serbia. He also brought the CNN news brand to South East Europe and serves as Chairman of the Editorial Board of N1, the CNN exclusive news channel affiliate for Serbia, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Dr Jelena Sadler is Director of the Representative Office of the Serbia Lebanon Business Council in Belgrade. Having trained as a medical doctor, she switched to journalism and became a news producer for CNN. She lived and worked in Beirut, Lebanon, from 1999 until 2009.

Jelena is one of the founders of the N1 news platform that covers events mainly in Serbia, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. N1 is the exclusive news channel affiliate of CNN in the Balkans region of South East Europe.


After graduating with an MSc in Regional Planning, Siniša switched to graphic design and spent the next 15 years working for renowned international advertising agencies including Saatchi & Saatchi, Mc Cann Group, Leo Burnett and BBDO, in London, Beirut, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

In 2013, he returned to Belgrade and co-founded Inviso Communications, a full-service marketing agency catering to the needs of high profile real estate clients such as Eko Atlantic City (Lagos, Nigeria) and Belgrade Waterfront (Belgrade, Serbia), as well as the Dangote Group, Africa’s largest industrial conglomerate.